Parent/Guardian Handbook

Together we are Supportive, Optimistic, Accepting, and Responsible!

Weather-related delays and cancellations:  You can find out about Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) weather-related delays and cancellations on, as well as on the FCPS Facebook page, via the automated News You Choose system, and on local television and radio stations.

1. Safety and Security

The safety and security of our students is our number one priority at Springfield Estates  Elementary.  We regularly review our security procedures in order to ensure a safe learning environment for our students.  We appreciate your assistance in helping us keep our students safe by following these procedures.

Our school security plan requires that all exterior doors to the main building be locked. Office staff provide parents and school visitors access through the main entrance (Door 1) via the video entry security system. All visitors must then go directly to the office to sign in with their driver’s license and receive a visitor’s tag. Please make sure that your visitor tag is secured to your shirt.  Visitors can expect to be questioned by school personnel if they are not displaying the visitors tag issued at the office.

We maintain a safety plan that requires we hold various drills throughout the year to make sure we are ready in the event of an emergency. Fire drills are held once a week during the first four weeks of school and then again each month. Lockdown drills are practiced four times a year, and tornado drills are practiced in the spring. 

These recommended procedures have been adopted to protect   the safety of our students.  We appreciate your support in ensuring a caring, happy and most importantly safe, learning environment.

  • School Hours:  Our expectation is that students will be in their classrooms, ready to learn, by 9:20 AM.  Students cannot be dropped off prior to 9:05 AM as we do not have staff to supervise them before then.  School ends at 4:05 PM.
  • Change of phone number(s), email and/or address:  If you change your phone number, or anyone on your child’s emergency care form changes their phone number, please let us know AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.  It is critical that we be able to reach you quickly in case of an emergency.  If you change your address, we need to know that as well. 
  • Parking at SEES:  We have a visitor parking lot in the front of the school and parking may also be available in our side lot.  When parking on the street, please allow 10 feet from driveways, as per Fairfax County Code.   When attending large gatherings at SEES, allow extra time to locate a parking space as our parking is limited.
  • Release of children:  We can only release students to those adults listed on the emergency care form. 
  • Special Note: It is not safe to pick up or drop off children by car on the street in front of or behind SEES. FAMILIES CHOOOSING TO TRAVEL BY CAR MUST USE OUR KISS & RIDE LINE. 
  • Sending money from home:  Funds for fundraisers, field trips, etc. should be sent in a sealed envelope with your child’s name, teacher and the activity on the envelope.  Please send the exact amount needed as we cannot make change.
  • Don't forget to label your child's items, especially coats, backpacks, lunch boxes, and water bottles. We have a lost and found; unclaimed items are donated to a local charity quarterly. 


  • All visitors are required to report to the office immediately upon entering school premises. They must sign in and present a government ID to the office staff. Parents are welcome and encouraged to visit the school, but student issues should be discussed in a parent conference setting.
  • Visitors will be given a name tag. Staff are to question anyone not wearing an FCPS ID or a visitor badge and escort them to the office. Following this rule will help PROTECT INSTRUCTIONAL TIME and keep our building secure. 

2. Arrivals, Dismissals & Traffic Guidance

Students may enter the building starting at 9:05 a.m. and should be in class ready to start their school day by 9:20 AM. Dismissal starts at 4:05. 

Walkers: Use Door # 7 (by the Fields/Art Rooms)

  • A.M - All walkers enter through Door #7. Door #7 is only staffed until 9:20 AM. If you arrive after that time, please escort your child to Door #1 at the front of the school. 
  • Children who leave school as ‘’walkers’’ are considered to be walking directly home and are not supervised once they exit the building. Children absolutely may not leave as a ‘walker’ to then meet a parent at a car parked in our neighborhood. 
  • P.M. -All Kindergarteners must be met and walked home with a family member who is 16 years of age or older.  All other walkers should walk home immediately after leaving the building.

Kiss & Ride

  • Our Kiss & Ride line operates from Deepford Street (behind SEES) – turn into our side parking lot and follow the car line/instructions.  Kiss & Ride is staffed until 9:20 a.m. in the mornings and 4:20 p.m. in the afternoons.  
  • Drivers are to remain in the car at all times. Please do not pass other cars in the Kiss & Ride line at any time. Your SEES Kiss & Ride Car Tag must be displayed on your rearview mirror. Please pull forward as directed by staff.  Students will be called by number when parents arrive in the Kiss & Ride line to pick them up.
  • Children enter and exit on the right (passenger) side of the vehicle. 
  • If you arrive by car after school starts, please PARK and bring your student to our main entrance (Door #1) and sign them in at the front office (please do not drop them off in our bus loop in front of the school.)  

**Please note that the Kiss & Ride line can at times seem long, but typically we are done within 15 minutes. 

Bus Riders

  • Families should be at the bus stop at least 5 minutes prior to the listed pick-up time. 
  • Transportation can be reached directly at 703-446-2150.
  • Daily bus delays are listed at

Dismissal Changes

Early Pick Ups: Early student pick-ups are allowed prior to 3:30 PM.  Please send a note to your child’s teacher to let them know of the early dismissal. If your child is being picked up during their specials time (music, PE, art, etc.), please be aware that they will need additional time to return to the classroom to pack up their belongings. Please remember to bring photo identification with you. 

Going home with another student: We require written notes from the parents/guardians of BOTH children permitting this. 

Same Day Dismissal Changes:  Same day dismissal changes must be communicated to the front office prior to 3:30 PM IN WRITING so that we have enough time to make sure your child receives the information.  The easiest way to do this is to utilize the online attendance form. A written note to the classroom teacher is also appreciated BUT, as classroom teachers may not have an opportunity to check their email before the end of the day, ALL dismissal changes MUST be communicated to the front office.

**If your child attends SEES SACC please let them know your child will not be there. SACC operates independently of FCPS, and must be contacted directly.

Important Traffic Guidance for the safety of our students: 

  1. Families choosing to travel by car MUST use our Kiss & Ride line.
  2. Do not drop-off/pick-up children on the street in front of or behind the school.
  3. Do not let children out of the car in the middle of the street.
  4. Do not double park, especially on Meriwether Lane.
  5. Do not block driveways. Parking is not allowed within 10 feet of driveways.
  6. Do not make multi-point turns in the roadway. 

Thank you for helping us keep our children safe!

3. Attendance

Absences:  You can report your child's absence in one of the following ways:

*It is also helpful to send an email to your child's teacher to let them know. 

**If your child attends SEES SACC please let them know your child will not be there. SACC operates independently of FCPS, and must be contacted directly.

4. Technology

Students are issued a school device and school account at the beginning of the year. Pre-K/K students have an iPad, and 1st-6th are issued a school laptop. 

Students in PreK-2nd leave the devices at school, and 3rd-6th students typically take them back and forth from home to school each day. 


The FCPS Student Acceptable Use Policy is now part of the SR&R document. Some key information to remember is:

It is the responsibility of the user to:

     •Using or not using devices as directed by the teacher.

     •Use the FCPS technology resources in a manner that is consistent with the educational mission of the school system.

     •Help maintain a safe, positive, and trusting learning environment by not using offensive, obscene, or harassing language when on the FCPS network and/or FCPS devices.

     •Students are prohibited from accessing any portion of the internet that is inconsistent with the educational mission of FCPS.

     •Students may not take photographs or videos of others without consent during school hours while on school property, unless for academic use. School administration may allow limited nonacademic use of photography on a case-by-case basis.

     •Parents and/or guardians should ensure that use of student assigned devices is limited to supporting the educational outcomes of the student at home and the device not be used by anyone else for non-educational purposes.

Cell Phone Guidelines Elementary school Kindergarten-sixth grade (taken for FCPS SR&R)

Phones must be silenced and in backpacks for the duration of the school day. Watches that serve a dual purpose (e.g., smart watch) may be worn; however, phone features (e.g., texting, Internet, calls, etc.) are to be off when phone use is prohibited. Students are prohibited from using phones, tablets, and other mobile devices in restrooms and locker rooms, unless there is a medical necessity or emergency. Teachers may allow usage of cell phones for instructional activities where they are the most appropriate tool, however one-to-one FCPS devices should meet most needs. Cell phones maybe used on campus only before and after school.  

If you would like to learn more, scroll down the the SR& R section of this document. 

5. School/Home Connection

Contacting your child’s teacher:  For most teachers, contact by email is preferred. Email addresses can be found on our website. Please note that teachers typically check email before and after school; please do not send time-sensitive information (such as a same-day change in dismissal) via email.

View our Communications page. There you can find all the ways to stay connected to what is going on here at SEES. 

6. Staying Healthy

  • Staying healthy:  If your child does not feel well in the morning, especially if they vomit or have a fever, please keep him/her at home.  It is recommended that your child be fever-free for 24 hours before returning to school.
  • Medications:  If medication is to be given in school, it must be in accordance with Regulation 2102. All medications must be delivered in person by the parent or guardian, including over the counter medications. Never send medication with your child. Here is the form your medical provider will need to complete if your child will need medication, which includes over the counter medicine such as Tylenol, administered at school:  Please make arrangements with the school public health nurse to accept medications and discuss any concerns you may have.
  • Screenings:  Each year, students in kindergarten and Grade 3 as well as new students to FCPS will have a vision and hearing screening in our Health Room.

7. Cafeteria/Food Services

  • Cafeteria meals:  Breakfast and lunch are available in our school cafeteria at cost.  Students are welcome to bring lunch in from home as well.  Families can submit an application for Free and Reduced Meals online (  Menus and other information about school meals can be found at
  • You may deposit money into your child’s account at any time.  Money may be deposited online at or by a check made payable to Springfield Estates ES Food Services.  Please include your child’s name on all checks.

  • SEES has designated tables in the cafeteria for students with nut allergies. If your child has an allergy, be sure it is noted on their Health Information form.

8. Special Occasions

  • Bring in special treats:  It is critical that you check with your child’s teacher prior to sending in treats for birthdays (or other special days), so that any food related allergies in your child's classroom can be addressed ahead of time.  Items that can be served individually, such as bite-sized treats, are preferred. We prefer that no outside drinks or balloons/ decorations are brought in. Please limit to no more than one treat per classmate.
  • Party invitations can be distributed at school as long as every child in the class is invited.


9. Student Rights and Responsibilities (SR&R)

The Student Rights and Responsibilities is a guide for families: navigating a safe and rewarding school experience with your child. 

The SR&R is being updated for the 2023-2024 school year. Please CLICK HERE to read the new version.

You can e-sign it by logging into your ParentVUE account, or print out the pdf and sign the paper version. (Click above to go to our SR&R site. Scroll down to find a link to the paper copy).

Paper forms can be turned into your child's teacher, or the main office.  

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the main office.